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ISET 2019 will be held in University of Hradec Králové, Czech Republic.

About Hradec Králové, Czech Republic

Hradec Králové is situated at the confluence of the Rivers Labe and Orlice in north-eastern Bohemia of the Czech Republic. It ranks among the largest and most important cities in the Czech Republic. It is a metropolis of Eastern Bohemia, a regional capital, with seats of state institutions, important companies, museums, galleries, theatres and other cultural and sporting organisations. In addition, Hradec Králové is a university city since there are six faculties of three higher education institutes. The population in the city is almost one hundred thousand and Hradec Králové offers a high standard of living. There are many architecturally important sites in Hradec Králové. To make sure that you do not get lost in this open-air textbook of architecture, follow the Sightseeing Routes of the City. Each route has its own topic of a certain architectural or historic period of the development of the city. Information boards are placed along these routes and more materials about these walks can be obtained at information centres on request.

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About the University of Hradec Králové

The University of Hradec Králové is a young established public educational institution founded in 1959. The university consists of four parts which are: the Faculty of Education, Faculty of Informatics and Management, Philosophical Faculty and Faculty of Science — all offer studies in more than a hundred fully accredited bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree courses and enroll around 9,000 students annually.

The rich spectrum of educational activity includes fields of economy, management and computer science at the Faculty of Informatics and Management; social sciences at the Philosophical Faculty; educational and artistic disciplines at the Faculty of Education, and science and technology courses at the Faculty of Science. The faculties prepare their students with an emphasis on their future successful professional life.

The continually developing university campus Na Soutoku (At the Confluence), is very conveniently located right in the city centre and is easily accessible for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers alike, and is linked by public transport to all parts of Hradec Králové.

The university pays great deal of attention to the care of its human potential (we tend to see potential in humans, rather than a resource), including international students and employees. The indisputable advantage of the university is its relatively intimate environment that allows students and teachers to establish personal contact, which helps to discover each pupil’s individual needs and set specific learning targets according to the student’s performance and the chosen specialization. Although we are modern school with focus on the future, we are proud to keep alive the legacy of the old European academic tradition.

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Hotel Grand

Cs. Armády 295,
Hradec Králové

Nové Adalbertinum

Velké náměstí 32,
Hradec Králové

Hotel Vacek "Pod věží"

Velké náměstí 165,
Hradec Králové

Hotel U České koruny

Tomkova 180,
Hradec Králové


Jana Koziny 336,
Hradec Králové

Hotel Alessandria

Tř. SNP 733,
Hradec Králové

If you arrive to Prague at Václav Havel Airport and need a train or bus service to Hradec Králové, you will have to get into the city centre first. There are regular public bus services, private mini-bus services or you can use a taxi. The last two options might be considerably more expensive than the reliable public service operating in short intervals.

Once in the city centre, you can use bus services from the main bus station Florenc or the one at Černý Most, or train service from the main railway station Hlavní nádraží. You may find out more information by checking the official tourist guide "How to get from Prague airport" at

There are regular buses as well as train connections between Prague and Hradec Králové. The bus service is perhaps more convenient way of getting to Hradec Králové as the journey takes about two hours and requires no changes on the way. Some trains are direct, some require a change in Pardubice.

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When coming by public transport from Hradec Kralove train station or bus terminal, get off at Heyrovského bus stop (lines 1, 9, 23, 24 and 28), the campus is located right in front of you. You can also get off at Zimní stadion bus stop (lines 2, 16, 18, 23 and 27), cross the bridge, pass the Scientific Library building, and the campus is located behind the library building on its right side.

For people who prefer to travel by car, there is a very good road network and you will have no problems to reach Hradec Králové from any border crossing point. However, car owners should realise that in Czech Republic the highways are paid and parking in some places, especially in city centres, might be a problem.