International Conference on Blended Learning

ICBL 2023 Best Paper Award

From ICT Utilization to Student Learning Achievement: Mediation Effects of Digital Literacy and Problem- solving Ability
Dengkang Chen, Yi Zhang, Heng Luo, Jiajing Li, and Yuru Lin
(Central China Normal University #)

ICBL 2023 Excellent Paper Award

Investigating the Influence of Seating Factors on Perception of the Learning Environment in Smart Classroom
Guoqing Lu, Chenwen Zhang, Qingtang Liu, and Yafei Shi
(Northwest Normal University #)

How Can Teachers Facilitate Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning? A Literature Review of Teacher Intervention in CSCL
Peng Zhang, Qiuping Hu, and Junjie Shang
(Peking University #)

Assessing Secondary Students' Digital Literacy Using an Evidence-Centered Game Design Approach
Sha Zhu, Jiayuan Li, Jie Bai, Harrison Hao Yang, and Daixi Zhang
(Central China Normal University #)

Cultivating Students' Creative Thinking Using Visual Narrative in an Agile Blended Learning Environment
Xiao Hong Zhang and Kenichi Kubota
(Kansai University #)

# Affiliation of the first author