International Symposium on Educational Technology

ISET 2023 Best Paper Award

Research on the Design and Practice of Mathematics Flipped Classroom Under ICT Environment in Middle School
Zhe Liu, Qimin Zhou, and Xiaojing Ji
(South China Normal University #)

ISET 2023 Excellent Paper Award

Validating Plagiarism Detection Systems with Metamorphic Testing
Pak Yuen Patrick Chan, Jacky Keung, and Zhen Yang
(City University of Hong Kong #)

Research on the Influence of Students' Engagement in Blended Synchronous Learning
Yitong Wei, Jixin Wang, Harrison Hao Yang, Yinghui Shi, Guanwei Zhou, and Xing Li
(Jianghan University #)

Development of the Youth Digital Citizenship Assessment Scale: Analysis Based on CTT, IRT and GT
Shun Xu, Tiehao Zhao, and Wei Qin
(Hubei University of Technology #)

Do government-led online after-school tutoring program help improve students' non-cognitive abilities? A comparative analysis of personalized online tutoring program and extracurricular commercial tutoring
Jing Zhang , Ling Chen, Zhao Zuo, and Baoping Li
(Beijing Normal University #)

# Affiliation of the first author