ISET 2021 Best and Excellent Paper Award

Best Paper Award

Factors Influencing Pre-Service Teachers' Acceptance to Introduce Danmaku Video into Online Education
Yingying Ning and Chenyang Dong

Excellent Paper Award

Old Nishiki-e as Learning Tool for Contemporary Digital Object-Based Learning in STEAM Education
Sayuri Tanabashi

Predicting the Emotional Engagement in Online Learning: A Hybrid Structural Equation Modeling-Artificial Neural Network Approach
Linjie Zhang, Changqin Huang, Tao He, Xuemei Wu, Xizhe Wang, and Jianhui Yu

Research on Machine Understanding Math Word Problems: From the Perspective of Discourse Comprehension Models
Jingxiu Huang, Qingtang Liu, Yunxiang Zheng, Linjing Wu, Yigang Ding, and Li Huang

Gamification of Flipped Classroom: FIBER Vs. G-FIBER
Morris Siu-Yung Jong, Gaowei Chen, Vincent W. L. Tam, Ming-Tak Hue, Mengyuan Chen, and Xiaojing Weng